The games focus on your ability to follow orders and the willingness to give everything for the mission. Collaboration within the group and sometimes between groups is of the utmost importance for the success of the assigned orders.

Pandion events are usually not a typical one-front game, but consist of several different groups that have specific tasks to perform. All teams are playing ”leading part role” as well as ”supporting role”, but you never knows when.

A few days before the game, each group receives mail with OPORD that gives detailed information about starting point, start time, mission, etc. It is then up to the group to make sure that they are in the right place at the right time and to have the right equipment for what the specified task requires. Once the game has started, it is too late to arrange packing, ponder orders or whine about weather, food or water shortages.

No armbands are used to mark team affiliation. If you run into other people during games, you have to decide for yourself whether or not they are the enemy based on their uniform, or maybe other things such as the other group’s reaction, their own conclusions from the background history, etc. There are no rules or restrictions regarding alliances or anything else regarding group collaboration. Just follow your given ROE.

When studying a group at a distance and assessing its combat strength, it is crucial that the weapon strength is not hidden, but you should be able to judge in advance what firepower a group has. If you look for example that they have submachine gun then you know that they can’t possibly have the same firepower as your group that has assault rifles and a LMG. Therefore, we use set rules for the different weapon classes.

My desire with the Pandion is that all participants should have the opportunity to experience significantly different and cooler experiences than they would get from a regular Sunday game and sometimes even from a regular big game.

  • We use airsoft weapons, license-free power limited weapons. With these we achieve combat distances of about 50 meters which is good for play in a typical Swedish forest environment.