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Cherry Ripe [RealSim]

Pandion RealSim is not an ordinary airsoft/milsim-event. It does not have a detailed script and have no focus on firefights. The idea is that all teams are equal and all contribute to give a good game experience for all the other teams. Based on how the event is constructed, I as a game leader can not guarantee that you will always encounter what you (or me) have planned. Very much as in a real combat situation. Sometimes, most by random, you’ll have great fun and other times everything sucks.

I appreciate your feedback and you can always call or text me (+46 793 406 623) for questions or complaints. However don’t see it as a solution to get a free lane with a lot of action…

Start: 1300, 25 February
End: 1100, 27 February

Location: Rödjenäs

>> Rules were updated during autumn 2021, to get more balance and fun for everyone!

Additional rules for this event:
– Thermals only to be used during night time
– Tracers are mandatory on weapon during night fights
– No loud handgrenades or IEDs
– No crossing or walking along railroad!

Participant fee: 600 SEK/person

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