Next event

Reconciliation – 2021
Time: 28 MAY 13:00 – 30 MAY 11:00

I got an energy boost from the last event and using the momentum to arrange a second event this year. I also got a lot of good and creative feedback that I want to implement. So here we go again!

This event all teams that apply and pay fee before 1st May will get traditional Pandion orders written on paper.

Pandion Realsim, 46 hours non-stop event at Rödjenäs, Sweden.

In game vehicles must be approved.

During nightplay, every participant must have their main weapon equipped with a working tracer unit and use tracer BBs.

FHM emphasize that physical exercise and outdoor activities are important. During Pandion you do not engage in large groups or close contacts with new people.
All activities are outdoor.
We will stay well below 300 participants 😉

When travelling to and from the event, minimize the amount of contact with people. Plan to avoid stops along the road.
Also plan for plan B, what if, any in the team will be ill during the event.
Do not participate it you’re feeling ill.

If there would be a lookdown (low chance) the event will be postponed and you can decide if you want to have the fee returned of placed for the new date.

Cost: 650 SEK / person

Team leaders apply to the event here!