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Cherry Ripe

The war was a disaster that lead to a status quo full of chaos and pain. Small unorganized military groups roaming in the area, trying to survive while fulfilling tasks according to the last objective. Eagerly waiting for receiving coded radio transmission giving information that you can finally come home to your family.

Pandion RealSim is not an ordinary airsoft/milsim-event. It does not have a detailed script and have no focus on firefights. The idea is that all teams are equal and all contribute to give a good game experience for all the other teams. Based on how the event is constructed, I as a game leader can not guarantee that you will always encounter what you (or me) have planned. Very much as in a real combat situation. Sometimes, most by random, you’ll have great fun and other times everything sucks.

I appreciate your feedback and you can always call or text me (+46 793 406 623) for questions or complaints. However don’t see it as a solution to get a free lane with a lot of action…

Start: 1300, 13 May
End: 1100, 15 May

Location: Rödjenäs

In this event we will continue to use radio (VHF) to transmit details for your orders. Make sure that you have know how to handle your radio in correct way to have good receiving quality. I have some wire-antennas that I can borrow, the only thing you need for your radio is a bnc female adapter.

>> Rules were updated during autumn 2021, to get more balance and fun for everyone!

Additional rules for this event:
– Thermals only to be used during night time
– Tracers are mandatory on weapon during night fights
– No loud handgrenades or IEDs
– No crossing or walking along railroad!

Loitering munition. Drone equipped with large amounts of bb:s. A falling bb that hit you is equivalent with a normal hit.

Participant fee: 750 SEK/person

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