Rules for RealSim

All participants must be at least 18 years of age.

All participants must wear eye protection throughout the whole event.

NON PARTICIPANTS, ie those who are not participants of the game, may occur in the game area and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the person they intend to shoot or interact with is a participant in the game.

RAILROAD, It’s forbidden to walk on or along aside the railroad. Railroad may only be crossed above at road cross intersections or under the railroad.

Be extra careful with your targets! Remember that civilian/non participants live in the area!


OPORD and goals
Through the event you’ll have many different goals. Some are defined by yourself and are defined by game leader. Goals defined by game leader are normally DEFINITE which means that you have normally only one (1) attempt to achieve the goal. An attempt is failed when the whole team is killed, when a specified time is out, the object is destroyed or other specified in your order.

After each failed attempt, the team must regroup. This will mean that it really pays off to scout, wait for the right opportunity and plan your missions well.

– Maximum seven (7) persons
– Maximum one medic
– Maximum one bolt sniper
– Maximum one support
– When five (5) persons or more, a team leader must be assigned


– A hit is a hit no matter where it hits you or on your gear, except for your weapon.
– Try to role play your hit, screaming “ARGH!” rather than just “hit!”
– When hit, count down your bleed-out. You will die within five (5) minutes.
– When hit, you must lie down. No other activity is allowed.
– When hit, you’re only allowed to call for ”medic!”. No other communicating is allowed.
– A hit on your weapon makes is unusable. You can repair the weapon by not participate in the firefight and you also need to hold your hands on the weapon for five (5) minutes.
– Minimize the use of deathrag! Only use it if briefly you have problem with someone who continue shooting at you.

– Any player can give you first aid to increase your bleed-out time with ten (10) more minutes. But you’re still dying!
– First aid can only be done by nicely wrap one (1) meter of gauze bandage around the bodypart that’s hit.

– A medic can heal you by treating you for ten (10) minutes on a place safely away from the firefight.
– A medic can heal several persons simultaneous.
– The medic aren’t allowed to do other tasks during the healing.
– The medic can remove gauze bandage and redistribute it again within the group.
– When you have been patched up by a medic, you’re alive and in the game again.

– There are no fixed re-spawn sites. Every team must continuous decide a temporary re-spawn area.
– A re-spawn area can only be decided for places you have passed and never in front of you.
– When dead you must walk to your decided re-spawn area and start re-spawning.
– Re-spawn time is 30 minutes, except for team leaders and snipers that re-spawn for 60 minutes.


SAFETY FIRING DISTANCE by 2020-table is a recommendation. Use common sense! At short range shoot single shots and at insensitive spots, such as vest, leg, or use handgun.

Bang Rule is not used! If you have a golden opportunity, scream ”Give up” or put a bb on the vest or other ”rugged” spot on the opponent. If you believe that you have such control of the situation that a “bang” is ok, then you can also control your fire. 😉

Reloading can ONLY be done simultaneous for the whole team when re-spawning or the team have won or failed a goal. (Note that there’s no longer a limitation on how many bb’s you’re allowed to carry.)

2020table: CQB2 and assault
– Semi only
– Max 80 bbs / magazine

2020table: Support
– Must have bipod
– Box magazines can be loaded with maximum 2500 bb’s!
– Carrying a box with size as a box magazine and weight minimum 1.5kg can be considered as a spare magazine.
Handling limitation:
– Standing and aiming: Only fire a short burst.
– Shooting from hip: Several long bursts.
– Aiming when weapon rests on the bipod: Continuous fire.

2020table: DMR
– Semi only
– Must be equipped with a scope.
– Max 30 bb’s / magazine
Handling limitation:
– No rapid semi firing! Start firing with one double tap is ok.

Bolt action sniper rifle
2020table: Sniper
– Must be equipped with a scope.
– Max 30 bb’s / magazine


Vehicles must be approved by the organizer.

– Must be marked with yellow flag of minimum size 30 * 50 cm in yellow color.
– Must be driven slower than 30 km / h on all roads within the gaming area.
– Can be stopped with driver killed when front of vehicle is hit with a burst from rifle, small IED, etc. Surviving team members may replace driver and continue mission after the firefight is over.

Boats may not be shoot at while they are away from land, but they are allowed to be fired from.

Aircraft/helicopters may never be shoot at, but they are allowed to be fired from if permit from organizer.
Must not be approached or leaved before the pilot or organizer has given a clearance. Must only be approached or leaved from the front or side, always eye contact with the pilot.

Armored vehicles / tanks must be run with/from open hatch. May only be used in areas determined by the organizer.


Dedicated pyrotechnics may only be handled by those assigned by organizer.

Hand grenades
– All within a radius of three (3) meters are counted as hit.
– Hit by bb’s beyond three (3) meters is also counted as a hit.
– Should not require hearing protection.

Personnel mines / booby traps must be approved by the organizer.
– Shall consist of weaker popping effect. (Hearing protection should not be needed.)
– To be mounted below knee height.
– Must not use bullets.

Defense charge mines must be approved by organizer.
– Shall consist of weaker popping effect. (Hearing protection should not be needed.)
– To be mounted below knee height.
– BB’s may be used.
– Only to be fired using a remote control.

– Must produce visually intense cloud of smoke.
– Must be placed within maximum 1m from road.
– Must be detonated within 5m in front of vehicle.
– Only to be fired using a remote control.

Alarm mines
Only a sound signal that is a warning about perimeter breach.

– When fired it must produce a visually intense cloud of smoke.
– The vehicle or bunker that sees them being shot at are destroyed with all persons in it.

It’s free to scan all bands and channels unless other stated in WARNO/OPORD.

Barred areas, areas marked with barrier tape must not be entered.

Lasers may never be aimed directly at people. Only to be used for showing direction or areas. (circle when marking area)

Dogs must be approved by the organizer. Forbidden to shot at dog and/or handler. Grenades are forbidden close to dogs. Dogs may never be fooled with food, drink, fragrance, etc. A dog is ONLY stopped by that the dog handler is shot with a single shot! (or by verbally communication)


Finally, there will arise a multitude of situations that are not covered by any rules. Just use your head, improvise and it will be guaranteed good in the end.

Thank you Marsumpilami for his milsim[PR]-rules who has inspired me greatly. Also thank you Yoghippie, and other participants for your ideas and feedback!