Safety rules

The safety of Pandion events is based on three levels:
– Swedish legislation
– The safety rules on this page
– Each game’s specific rules of play

All participants must be at least 18 years of age.

All participants must wear eye protection throughout the whole event.

Civilian persons / Non participants
Civil people, ie those who are not participants of the game, may occur in the game area and it is the responsibility of every participant to ensure that the person they intend to shoot or interact with is a participant in the game.

Barred areas, areas marked with barrier tape must not be entered.

Personnel mines / booby traps must be approved by the organizer. Shall consist of weaker popping effect. (Hearing protection should not be needed.) To be mounted below knee height. Must not use bullets.

Defense charge mines must be approved by organizer. As rule above, however, with the addition that bullets may be used. Only to be fired using a remote control.

Alarm Mine must be approved by organizer if pyrotechnical. Only a beeping or whistle sound that can be combined with light effect.

Vehicles must be approved by the organizer. All ingame vehicles must be marked with a hanging flag of minimum size 30 * 50 cm in yellow color.

Cars must not be driven faster than 20km / h on all roads within the gaming area.

Boats may not be shoot at while they are away from land, but they are allowed to be fired from.

Aircraft/helicopters may never be shoot at, but they are allowed to be fired from if permit from organizer.
Must not be approached or leaved before the pilot or organizer has given a clearance. Must only be approached or leaved from the front or side, always eye contact with the pilot.

Armored vehicles / tanks must be run with/from open hatch. May only be used in areas determined by the organizer.

Dogs must be approved by the organizer. Forbidden to shot at dog and/or handler. Grenades are forbidden close to dogs. Dogs may never be fooled with food, drink, fragrance, etc. A dog is ONLY stopped by that the dog handler is shot with a single shot! (or by verbally communication)

Dedicated pyrotechnics may only be handled by those assigned by organizer.

Lasers may never be aimed directly at people. Only to be used for showing direction or areas. (circle when marking area)